DJI Mavic PRO The Mavic Pro is the smallest camera-equipped quadcopter in DJI’s drone line-up. The Mavic Pro comes in 3 different configurations. The DJI Mavic PRO, the DJI Mavic PRO Platinum and the DJI Mavic PRO Alpine White. This review was done with a DJI Mavic PRO but the majority of specifications tested within… Read More DJI Mavic PRO

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Commercial Drones

Whether you call them Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), they are rapidly growing in popularity. They are still in the infancy stage in terms of mass adoption and usage, but through the use of the latest drone technology, drones have already broken through rigid traditional barriers in industries which otherwise seemed impenetrable by similar… Read More Commercial Drones

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Personal Drones

Personal Drone Technology As the sales of the civilian drones rise, the safety concerns surrounding them among regulators and law enforcement agencies also tend to go up, seeing the past of drone collisions with airplanes and crashes into crowded stadiums.  A Lobbying group, Consumer Technology Association expects 2.8 million consumer drones will be sold in the… Read More Personal Drones

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Best Drones for Aerial Photography and Videography

The best drones for aerial photography and videography are drones built with high-end cameras to capture the details from the sky. Drones nowadays can be used in multiple applications such as aerial cargo (though this is currently limited to the size of the UAV as well as flight time) surveying, mapping, monitoring, search and rescue,… Read More Best Drones for Aerial Photography and Videography